Dogs at The Steele County Humane Society

All of our adoptable dogs are vet checked, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and tested negative for heartworm. Please call 507-451-4512 or email us at to meet any of these dogs in their foster home.

Picture of dog named Jack Picture of dog named Jack another picture of Jack
Jack is a white and fawn Jack Russell Terrier mix born approximately November 27, 2013. Jack is a very sweet, affectionate dog. He loves kids and likes to play with other dogs. KH (14091 DO)
Picture of dog named Sawyer Picture of dog named Sawyer another picture of Sawyer
This awesome looking gentleman is Sawyer! Sawyer was named after the rebel character in the TV show 'Lost' because he is undoubtedly handsome, a bit of a wild man, and yet extremely loving! Sawyer is a Dachshund - Golden Retriever mix (What?!?!) Yup, I know, and don't ask us how! Because of this, he is just as cute as can be! He is a short, compact little guy weighing right around 20 pounds and he is a huge bundle of energy! One of Sawyers best features, besides his adorable big feet and unique look, is his eyes. They are very expressive and can melt your heart in a minutes! Sawyer's perfect family is someone who has a large fenced in back yard or lives outside of town because he loves to run and it is important that he have a place where he can run freely to expend his huge bank of energy. He needs to go to a home without small children - again because he has so much energy and he tends to 'mouth' his people and nips when he plays. His foster home is working on this with him, but we believe most of this is due to his age and his enormous amount of energy. Lastly, Sawyer needs to have another canine to keep him company. Sawyer is a very social dog and will not be happy unless he has a canine pal to run and play with. Sawyer is also a very loving dog who loves to snuggle up with his people in the evenings when the daily activities are done. He is the first pup in the morning to welcome his foster mom into the new day with lots of kisses! Sawyer was born on September 8th, 2013 C&AL (14043 DOS)
Picture of dog named Betty Davis Picture of dog named Betty Davis another picture of Betty Davis
"She's got Betty Davis eyes!" Check out this unique, one-of-a-kind, blue eyed traffic-stopping dog!!! Betty Davis is an 11 lb., 5 year old (D.O.B. June 10th, 2009) white long-haired Chihuahua mix who takes "ring around the tail" to a whole new level! Friendly, sweet and petite Betty Davis enjoys being with her humans and going on car rides.CE(14064 DOS)
Picture of dog named Bram Picture of dog named Bram another picture of Bram
Bram, short for Abraham, is a 16 lb., 9 year old (D.O.B. May 27th, 2005) tan Chihuahua/Terrier mix. Bram is not very active, and enjoys sleeping away much of the day. Bram is an easy-keeper, he is not real demanding, just let him settle in and earn your trust and you'll have a friend for life. We would prefer to place Bram in a home with no young children. DD(14062 DS)